Advertising Opportunities from Strang Communications
Charisma magazine has served the broader Christian community for over 35 years. In 2013 we'll continue our unique mission, but with a few enhancements that really bring Charisma to life. To experience the fresh new designs, features and interactive components for your self ,simply click on the digital issue.

11 out of the 15 fastest growing churches in America are part of the Charismatic community. What does that mean for you? It means that as an advertiser, you now have the best way to reach an engaged and growing market. Inside you’ll find — there’s something new about Charisma.
Ministry Today is the industry's leading source of practical advice and relevant articles for pastors and church leaders. Always on target and relevant, it provides innovative tools and discerning analysis on a bi-monthly basis. Our goal is simple: to help you, the advertiser, reach influential leaders—and more importantly— decision makers who will respond to the resources that you have to offer. As an advertiser you have the opportunity to provide resources for what those leaders need. While subscribership expands so do the ideal advantages of reaching your target with an engaging product.